Terms of Business

  1. Acceptance of the below stated Terms & Conditions, either verbally or by writing by instructing Restore and Adore to commence services requested, the customer will be deemed to have accepted these terms & conditions outlined below.
  1. Enquires will be subject to a free site inspection and quotation. In some cases quotes are able to be provided over the telephone.
  1. All quotes issued are valid for three months from the date of issue.
  1. For all driveway/patio and pathway cleans Restore and Adore will require free access to the customers external water tap with good water pressure to run the cleaning equipment.
  1. For all Gutter Clearance services Restore and Adore will require free access to the customers electricity point to provide power to the vacuum system. On large scale jobs, Restore and Adore may use a generator for power.
  1. All areas around the site of work, must be cleared of any items or obstacles prior to the service being carried out.
  1. After cleaning the appearance of your driveway or patio will have greatly improved, however in some cases, deep staining may not be possible to remove. Pressure washing will not restore already fading of coloured surfaces. Restore and Adore will always make every attempt to remove as much deep staining as possible.
  1. Please ensure that there is sufficient drainage to carry out the clean and drains are clear to enable to dirty water to flow away. Restore and Adore do not hold any responsibility for the drainage systems during or after the cleaning process.
  1. Pressure washing may loosen or dislodge any unsound, damaged, surfaces such as defective mortar, paving stones and any insecure brickwork. Every care will be taken to preserve as much of the original surface as possible, in some cases this will be unavoidable. In all cases the cost and any repairs will be solely the customer’s responsibility and not that of Restore and Adore.
  1. No pressure washing is carried out during the roof cleaning process. All moss is scraped and removed by hand. Clear and stable access must be available to assemble a tower to gain access to the roof. Restore and Adore will make every attempt to not walk on your roof, however, this is sometimes unavoidable for cleaning purposes. Any unsound, lose or damaged tiles may be dislodged during the cleaning process. Any tiles damaged or dislodged by Restore and Adore will be replaced by the company. Restore and Adore take no responsibility for any leaks during or after the cleaning process. In all cases the cost and any repairs will be solely the customer’s responsibility and not that of Restore and Adore.
  1. Sealing/re-sanding of surfaces will always be carried out on a different day after the clean and will require a separate appointment. This is to ensure the area is dry before re sanding can be carried out.
  1. In some cases due to poor weather conditions, it may be necessary for Restore and Adore to change and reschedule your booking date. Where every effort will be made to advise you as soon as possible, in some cases this may be at short notice.
  1. Restore and Adore do not accept liability for any damages that occur on site.
  1. Restore and Adore have the right to decline providing a service if this is within the company’s best interests.
  1. For safety purposes Restore and Adore request that all pets remain inside your property whist work is being carried out.
  1. Please note that our terms do not affect your statutory rights.

Personal Data

  1. Personal Data

The data provided either via telephone/email/website/Facebook will only be used with regards to this enquiry/service and will not be used for future marketing or passed on to any third parties.

Restore and Adore are committed to ensuring the security and protection of our customer’s personal information that we process. We will not lease, distribute or sell your personal information to third parties. For further details on how we store and process your personal data, you can view our privacy policy on our website www.restoreandadore.co.uk. Any personal information we hold about you is stored and processed in line with the General Data Protection Regulations and the Data Protection Act 2018 (collectively, “the Data Protection Legislation”) . Restore and Adore provide an annual reminder service, however consent will be obtained for contact for this purpose.

Photograph and Video

  1. Photograph/Video

Restore and Adore may ask your consent to take before and after images or videos of the area that has been cleaned. These images may be added to our website or Facebook page and/or shared in other Facebook pages for advertising purposes. You will be asked to complete a consent form which outlines where these photos may be shared should you accept, Restore and Adore keep all imagery electronically secured. Restore and Adore cannot be held responsible for imagery once posted on line. We have no responsibility for the content and security of pages such as Facebook.

Consenting will give Restore and Adore permission to take photograph and/or video imagery of your property for the purpose of providing before and after images of the service/s provided. Restore and Adore will make every attempt to capture imagery solely of the area required. Every attempt will be made to not capture imagery of your property as a whole, or house numbers/names, vehicles, location or people.

Payment Terms and Methods

  1. Payment methods/Terms

Payment method: By Cash, Card or Bank Transfer

Payment terms: Payment in full is required on issue of the invoice. This is clearly stated on the invoice provided.

Our bank details are also displayed on the invoice for any bank transfer payments.

If payment has not been received within 7 days of invoice date, Restore and Adore will contact you via email or telephone.

Right to Cancel

  1. Right to cancel

If at any point you wish to cancel your booking please do so in writing to andy@restoreandadore.co.uk providing a minimum of 24 hours’ notice.

Should you wish to change your booking date/time, please email andy@restoreandadore.co.uk or contact us via telephone 01296 434224 or 07835850082


  1. Complaints

Restore and Adore always strive for excellent customer satisfaction, however, should you not be satisfied with the service you have received: Any complaints should be logged with Restore and Adore within 24 hours of completion of work in writing to: admin@restoreandadore.co.uk

We will aim to respond to any complaints within a 14 day period.

Restore and Adore reserves the right to update these terms and conditions without notification.

Any changes will be made available on our website www.restoreandadore.co.uk